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Who we are

Città Nascosta (Hidden Town) was found in 1990 by Marco Bartolucci, Sabina and Ludovico Pratesi with the purpose to promote the sites of interest which were hidden in the urban fabric and in the scenery of the city, discovered and guided by art historians and archaeologists.

In a periodical brochure the association distributes its programs and proposes tours through the city, meetings in literary cafes and events on terraces of roman palaces as well as excursions in the Lazio region and in the centre of Italy. All activities of Città Nascosta are accompanied by archaeologists and art historians who will be able to explain the history, the literary events and curious and important anecdotes.

Città Nascosta also offers the possibility to organize, in several languages, exclusive thematic visits for groups with a special interest in a specific subject.

The itineraries offered lead the visitors through the history of the city from the roman times to our days and are focused on the tastes and interests of the participants. In this optic we also organize the extraordinary opening of (often private) villas, palaces, gardens, archaeological sites and interiors of embassies and other historical buildings, which are normally closed to the public. On request we organize in these special locations a particular event which relates or is adapted to the place.

Citta Nascosta also organizes art trips and weekends in Italy and abroad. To make sure we keep offering an unforgettable trip our collaborators survey the sites beforehand to secure the quality of restaurants and hotels and prepare specific itineraries.


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